Thursday, August 14, 2014

True story

Do you ever feel that perhaps the people making the rules never have to follow them and really want to see just how many inefficiencies they can add to my already 14 to 16 hour days?

Please review the care provided by our government to seniors on Medicare and the VA system very carefully before allowing the government to control healthcare.  

Two days ago I could pull 2 pages of typed orders from a drawer and have my patient admitted , the family updated after surgery, and an operative report dictated in about 10 minutes.   Today there was a line of four doctors (thank God I was there first) for the one computer in the recovery room to enter orders that literally printed out in 8 pages and were placed on the chart by the nurse who then had to FAX them to admitting and pharmacy.  

Did we miss the part in school called NETWORKING?  How in the land of iPad, iPhone, and wifi do we have a computer system that when I hit send it doesn't automatically route to the proper department so that a nurse isn't busy faxing 4 times as much paper than she did two days ago to different deparents?

So then I have to find a chart to write a note because there is no clinical entry available for progress notes.   By the time I walk out to talk to family it's been twice as long as I told the family it would take for surgery and they think something is wrong when literally I have been typing orders for an hour in the computer.  I could just spit.  They told me if I just enter it once and save it to favorites it would remember what I entered.   Well
They lied.

And what's more is that when we called to complain that we had four doctors waiting for orders  on the one computer in the physician area, administration walks over and says "just tell the girls at THE DESK to get up so you can do your orders."  My response " you mean you want me to tell the girls doing THEIR JOBS at a computer to get up because my stuff is more important right now because I'm a doctor."  I think that will improve the moral.  We'll give it a try tomorrow!  And the other solution is "well you just need to walk around til you find one. "

I'll walk til I find one alright, at the hospital down the road.

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